Design and Simulation

Simulation software for predicting materials behavior under high temperatures.

3D FireSimulator (3DFS) is based on the research carried out by the LIR-Infrared Lab of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid on heat propagation phenomena in composite materials under load of fire. Thermal parameters have been previously determined and validated by the LIR-UC3M by infrared non-destructive testing (IR -NDT), including the flash method techniques.

Introducing the type of material, its geometry, the maximum temperature, shape of the flame and the time to fire exposure, we obtain a simulation of materials behavior.

Software for virtualization and prediction of thermal behavior of composite materials exposed to fire. Running above a standard finite element program with a heat transfer module, 3DFS shows material’s evolution at every point and at every time.

3DFS results have been verified against real fire testing with less than 5% of deviation.It was developed under ISO2685 specifications but it can simulate any fire test where samples are under a heat source single-sided.