INNPACTO: Remote Traffic Pollution Detection


Funded by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (MINECO) and ending with the development of a prototype for high emitters detection based on emissions ratios referencing carbon dioxide, the goal of Project INNPACTO “Development of a multilane detection system of Fuel Consumption and Vehicle Emissions”, was to establish a Comprehensive Traffic Management System for impact monitoring of critical areas: environment, energy efficiency (fuel consumption) and traffic safety.

LIR-Infrared LAB participation laid in applied its expertise in pollutant gas detection for the development of a prototype for measuring vehicles emissions on transit.


This project goals:

  • To develop a multilane traffic management system based on empirical data collection on real time (intensity, weather conditions, emissions and consumptions associated to a license plate).
  • To know which vehicles emit more pollutants (gross emitters) and to establish concrete policy measures based on their identification.
  • To reduce traffic emissions (CO2, CO, NOx, HC, PM) and upgrade energy efficiency (savings in emissions always lead to lower consumptions).

In the frame of this project, LIR Infrared LAB-UC3M has applied its expertise in gas detection in the development of a prototype for vehicle emission measurement in a multilane road. In particular, this system has been validated for CO2 and CO measurement.

This prototype is based on an infrared camera equipped with a filter holder, properly designed for gas concentration measurement. This system lies on the gas specific infrared firm that allows long distance detection.