Microleaks detection in EFA wings

Current methodology for leak detection in aircrafts and spacecraft is performed using liquids, which generate bubbles in the leak area.

LIR-UC3M developed a system for micro-leaks localization based on fugitive gas detection through IR cameras expressly developed. The outcome is a precise video of the gas leaking. The system was tested on real leaks on a wing of the Eurofighter (EFA).

LIR-InfraRed LAB has a procedure for Fuel tank tightness testing using a spectral imaging system for micro-leaks localization.

It allows checking, remotely and in real time, the tightness of aircrafts combustion tanks and detecting accurately the location of the microleaks. It provides a rapid and intuitive image analysis of large areas. Also, once the tank is filled with fuel, any possible leakage can be detected due to its infrared signature.

Advantages against other technologies are:

  • Non-intrusive detection and location of leaks
  • Wide area Inspection
  • Intuitive results
  • Real time operation
  • Man portable system