Contactless Non-destructive Testing (NDT) based on infrared sensors is one of the key lines of research of LIR-InfraRed LAB.

Some applications are listed below:

Specific thermography developments for inner structural characterization
Preventive analysis of anomalies
Health monitoring
Behavioral modeling based on experimental data

Besides the previous listed capabilities, LIR-UC3M is highly specialized in facing unsolved problems and developing novel solutions for the industry, proving to be versatile and innovative against unexpected technical complications. LIR-Infrared-LAB has a relevant experience in the study of materials, obtaining remarkable results especially on those of aeronautical interest as CFRP.

Remarkable is LIR-UC3M techniques for IR thermography applied for empirical determination of thermodynamic parameters (thermal diffusivity, conductivity, convection, specific heat, etc.). They are based on models and specific processing techniques as well as an important infrastructure which includes excitation systems and infrared image to validate the results.

Knowledge of the thermodynamic properties of a material and its application to models of classical heat transfer, allows the prediction of the behaviour of the materials in any environment against any stimulus.

In this context, a new procedure for thermal parameters determination, adapted from the classical one, has been developed to be extended to CFRP. The results improve the obtained hitherto, reducing the uncertainly generated in CFRP from convective losses during the experiment.

The results were presented in the 16th ICPPP Convention Afterwards, the work was published in the Journal of Thermophysics with the title: Experimental Determination of the Thermal Parameters of Carbon Fiber-Composite Materials Exposed to Fire by Infrared Imaging Pulse Thermography.