High accuracy, non-contact temperature measurement; how to translate electromagnetic radiation into temperature.

Radiometry compromises all the existing techniques for measuring electromagnetic radiation.

When an infrared camera focuses on an object, it collects and measures quantitatively the radiation that the object is emitting in a particular range of the electromagnetic spectrum, approximately between 9.000 – 14.000 nanometers or 9–14 µm. This technique is IR Thermography

Various properties of the bodies are involved (emissivity, radiance, reflectance…) and also many external variables too (the own atmosphere, the wind, the presence of rain, for instance) but it is possible to translate electromagnetic radiation into temperature, making possible a number of applications, all of them focus of research of LIR-InfraRed LAB:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Remote high accuracy temperature measurement
  • Simulation of radiometric scenarios
  • IR Remote Sensing
  • Health monitoring
  • Biomedical applications

Video: Energy Efficiency Analysis of the Sabatini Building, Leganés Campus, UC3M