Infrared technology for remote detection of pollutant gases, whatever the source

Growing environmental concern, more restrictive legislation, harmful effects to health and the environment due to uncontrolled emissions of SO2, CO, CO2, HCs… The harmful effects on health and the environment caused by the presence of these gases must be reduced to a minimum.

all of them are factors that drives the development of technologies for pollutant emissions monitoring. LIR-InfraRed LAB develops instruments based on multi and hyperspectral sensors, infrared cameras, imaging spectroradiometer and FTIR for gas analysis and detection.

Every polar gas molecules emit and absorb in a different infrared frequency; two gases never share the infrared spectrum if they do not have the same composition. In this way, by means of specific infrared image processing, it is possible to locate gas emissions of interest that would otherwise be undetectable. Also, the emission and absorption spectrum provides additional information like temperature and concentration, needed data to evaluate real danger of the emission.

Know-how of this application is based on a deep knowledge of the scientific and technological basis involved. Each specific situation requires an ad-hoc study and design to develop the most suitable sensor.

The expected result is to provide a very reliable remote gas detection system in sectors such as petrochemicals, energy, etc. Permanent monitoring systems for critical areas together with portable systems for spot inspections.